Construction Contractors and Contracts

ORS 701.205
Construction Contractors Board

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The Construction Contractors Board is established, consisting of nine members appointed by the Governor subject to confirmation by the Senate in the manner provided by law. Three of the members shall be residential contractors who primarily work on residential or small commercial structures, including one contractor engaged in the business of remodeling, two shall be public members and one shall be an elected representative of a governing body of local government. Two of the members shall be commercial general contractors who primarily work on large commercial structures, and one shall be a commercial specialty contractor who primarily works on large commercial structures or a residential limited contractor. One member who is a contractor may be certified as a home inspector.


The term of office of each member is four years, but a member serves at the pleasure of the Governor. Before the expiration of the term of a member, the Governor shall appoint a successor whose term begins on July 1 next following. A member is eligible for reappointment. If there is a vacancy for any cause, the Governor shall make an appointment immediately effective for the unexpired term.


In order to be eligible for board membership, the six contractor members of the board shall be licensed under this chapter and shall maintain their licenses in good order during their term of office. [Subsections (1) and (2) enacted as 1971 c.740 §3; subsection (3) enacted as 1971 c.740 §5; 1975 c.721 §8; 1977 c.537 §1; 1981 c.618 §13; 1987 c.414 §40; 1989 c.928 §22; 1991 c.181 §14; 1993 c.470 §4; 1997 c.814 §4; 1999 c.402 §33; 2001 c.197 §18; 2007 c.836 §34]

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Lack of authority for director to appoint executive secretary for board, (1971) Vol 35, p 930

Chapter 701

Notes of Decisions

This is a remedial statute made for the protection of the building business and of people dealing with builders who might be irresponsible; it should be read as a whole and liberally construed to accomplish its purpose. Robinson v. Builders Bd., 20 Or App 340, 531 P2d 752 (1975)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Lack of authority for director to appoint executive secretary for board, (1971) Vol 35, p 930; inapplicability of this chapter to business of construction or installation of fences, sidewalks, septic tanks, wells and underground sprinkling systems, (1972) Vol 35, p 1278; mobile home as personal or real property under this chapter, (1972) Vol 36, p 41; application of Homebuilders Law to mobile homes, (1978) Vol 38, p 693


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