Construction Contractors and Contracts

ORS 701.106
Sanction for violation or failure to comply with certain laws


A contractor that violates or fails to comply with any of the following provisions or any rules adopted under those provisions is subject to the suspension of, revocation of, refusal to issue or refusal to renew a license, imposition of a civil penalty under ORS 701.992 (Civil penalties and other sanctions), or a combination of those sanctions:


ORS 87.007 (Protection from construction liens perfected after sale of residential property completed) (2).


ORS chapter 316 or 317.


ORS 446.225 (Administration and enforcement of federal manufactured housing safety and construction standards) to 446.285 (Advisory board training and education programs).


ORS 446.395 (License required) to 446.420 (License required to maintain action).


ORS 447.010 (Definitions for ORS 447) to 447.156 (Sale of uncertified plumbing products prohibited).


ORS chapter 455.


ORS 460.005 (Definitions for ORS 460) to 460.175 (Disposition of fees).


ORS 479.510 (Short title) to 479.945 (Restricted energy contractor’s license).


ORS 480.510 (Short title) to 480.670 (Civil penalty for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Law violations).


ORS chapter 656.


ORS chapter 657.


ORS 670.600 (Independent contractor defined).


ORS 671.510 (Short title) to 671.760 (Business income tax).


ORS chapter 693.


The imposition of a sanction under this section is subject to ORS 183.413 (Notice to parties before hearing of rights and procedure) to 183.497 (Awarding costs and attorney fees when finding for petitioner). [2007 c.114 §14]


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