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ORS 701.515
Licensing system

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In accordance with applicable provisions of ORS chapter 183, the Construction Contractors Board by rule shall establish a system to license contractors as lead-based paint activities contractors and certified lead-based paint renovation contractors. The licensing system must include the requirements described in 40 C.F.R. 745.226. The licensing system must include but need not be limited to provisions:


Prescribing the form and content of the times and procedures for submitting applications for licensing or renewal.


Prescribing the fees for original licensing and renewal of the license in amounts that do not exceed the cost of administering the program.


Requiring an applicant for a certified lead-based paint renovation contractor license to show that an employee of the applicant has completed an accredited training program.


Prescribing the actions or circumstances that constitute failure to achieve or maintain licensing requirements, or that otherwise are contrary to the public interest, for which the board may refuse to issue or renew or may suspend or revoke a lead-based paint activities contractor or certified lead-based paint renovation contractor license.


The board may establish by rule the requirements for specific types of licenses for lead-based paint activities contractors.


The board may impose the following licensing fees:


Lead abatement contractor, up to $50 per year;


Lead inspection contractor, up to $50 per year;


Lead supervisor or lead contractor, up to $50 per year;


Lead inspector or assessor, up to $50 per year;


Lead worker, up to $25 per year; and


Certified lead-based paint renovation contractor, up to $50 per year. [1995 c.795 §5; 2009 c.757 §9]
Chapter 701

Notes of Decisions

This is a remedial statute made for the protection of the building business and of people dealing with builders who might be irresponsible; it should be read as a whole and liberally construed to accomplish its purpose. Robinson v. Builders Bd., 20 Or App 340, 531 P2d 752 (1975)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Lack of authority for director to appoint executive secretary for board, (1971) Vol 35, p 930; inapplicability of this chapter to business of construction or installation of fences, sidewalks, septic tanks, wells and underground sprinkling systems, (1972) Vol 35, p 1278; mobile home as personal or real property under this chapter, (1972) Vol 36, p 41; application of Homebuilders Law to mobile homes, (1978) Vol 38, p 693


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