Insurance Producers

ORS 744.062
Issuance of insurance producer license

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Unless the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services refuses to issue or renew a license pursuant to ORS 744.074 (Authority of director to place licensee on probation or to suspend, revoke or refuse to issue or renew license), a person who has met the requirements of ORS 744.058 (Written examination) and 744.059 (Qualifications for license), or ORS 744.063 (Nonresident insurance producer license), shall be issued an insurance producer license. An insurance producer may receive qualification for a license in one or more of the following classes of insurance:


Life insurance as defined in ORS 731.170 (“Life insurance”).


Health insurance as defined in ORS 731.162 (“Health insurance”).


Property insurance as defined in ORS 731.182 (“Property insurance”).


Casualty insurance as defined in ORS 731.158 (“Casualty insurance”).


Variable life insurance, including variable annuities.


Property and casualty insurance coverage sold to individuals and families for primarily noncommercial purposes.


Limited class credit insurance.


Any form of insurance designated by the director as a form of limited class insurance.


Title insurance as defined in ORS 731.190 (“Title insurance”). A license for the class of title insurance may be issued only to a resident insurance producer.


Any other class of insurance permitted under the Insurance Code or rules adopted thereunder.


For assistance in performance of the director’s duties, the director may participate with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, or any affiliate or subsidiary that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners oversees, in a centralized producer licensing registry in which insurance producer licenses and appointments are centrally or simultaneously effected for all states that require an insurance producer license. The director may adopt by rule any uniform standards and procedures as are necessary to participate in the registry, including the centralized collection of fees for licenses or appointments that are processed through the registry.


An insurance producer may apply to amend a license for the purpose of adding or deleting a class of insurance on the license in the manner prescribed for license application in ORS 744.059 (Qualifications for license) or 744.063 (Nonresident insurance producer license), or as otherwise prescribed by the director. [2001 c.191 §8; 2003 c.364 §8]


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