Insurance Producers

ORS 744.328
Issuance of license


If the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services determines that an applicant has satisfied all requirements for the license for which application is made, the director shall issue the license to the applicant. The director may issue a license if the director determines that the applicant, as required to be set forth in the application for the license:


Has not engaged in conduct that would authorize the director to refuse to issue a license under ORS 744.338 (Suspension, revocation, refusal to issue or renew license);


Is competent and trustworthy and intends to act in good faith in the capacity specified by the license applied for;


Has demonstrated evidence of financial responsibility in a format prescribed by the director through either a surety bond executed in an amount and in a manner prescribed by the director or a deposit of cash, certificates of deposit or securities or any combination thereof in an amount and manner prescribed by the director. The director shall accept as evidence of financial responsibility proof that financial instruments consistent with the requirements under this paragraph have been filed with at least one state in which the applicant is licensed as a life settlement provider, life settlement broker or life settlement investment agent;


Has a good business reputation and has had experience, training or education so as to be qualified in the business of the licensee;


If a life settlement provider or broker, has provided an antifraud plan under ORS 744.374 (Enforcement of life settlement contract provisions) (10); and


If a life settlement provider, has provided a detailed plan of operation in a manner prescribed by the director.


The director may refuse to issue a license in the name of any firm, partnership or corporation if the director is not satisfied that any officer, employee, stockholder or partner thereof who may materially influence the conduct of the applicant meets the standards of this section.


The director may issue a license to a nonresident applicant only if the nonresident applicant files with the director in writing an appointment of the director to be the attorney of the applicant upon whom all legal process in any action or proceeding against the applicant may be served. In the appointment, the applicant shall agree that any lawful process against the applicant that is served upon the director shall be of the same legal force and validity as if served upon the applicant, and that the authority shall continue in force so long as any liability remains outstanding in this state. An appointment under this subsection becomes effective on the date that the director issues the license to the applicant.


If the director denies an application, the director shall so inform the applicant, stating the grounds for the denial. [1995 c.342 §6; 2009 c.711 §6]


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