Driving Privileges and Identification Cards

ORS 807.045
Issuance of commercial license to person who holds out-of-state commercial license


In order to be authorized to drive a commercial motor vehicle in this state, a person who holds a commercial driver license issued by a jurisdiction other than Oregon must, within 30 days of becoming domiciled in Oregon:


Apply to the Department of Transportation for an Oregon commercial driver license;


Certify to the department that the person’s current commercial driver license is not subject to any disqualification, suspension, revocation or cancellation and that the person does not have a commercial driver license from more than one jurisdiction; and


Surrender any commercial driver license issued to the person by another jurisdiction.


The department shall issue a commercial driver license to a person who complies with subsection (1) of this section if the department determines that the person is all of the following:


Eligible for a commercial driver license. In order to determine eligibility under this paragraph, the department may require from the person any additional information that the department determines necessary and may require the person to pass any examinations, tests or demonstrations that the department determines necessary.


Not subject to a lifetime suspension of commercial driving privileges under ORS 809.520 (Lifetime suspension of commercial driving privileges).


Not otherwise ineligible for a commercial driver license.


For purposes of this section, a person is domiciled in this state if the person meets the criteria described in ORS 803.355 (“Domicile” described). [1989 c.636 §14; 2005 c.649 §16; 2013 c.237 §39]


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