Driving Privileges and Identification Cards

ORS 807.455
Issuance, replacement and renewal

  • requirements


The Department of Transportation shall issue a Real ID to any person who:


Meets the requirements for a driver license, driver permit or identification card as described in the vehicle code;


Submits proof, as required by rule by the department, establishing the person’s:




Date of birth;


Social Security number, or proof that the person is not eligible for a Social Security number; and


Lawful status in the United States;


Pays the fee described in ORS 807.460 (Fees); and


Surrenders any Real ID previously issued to the person by this state or another jurisdiction.


If there is any change to the applicant’s name, date of birth or Social Security number after the department issues a Real ID to the applicant, the department may not replace or renew the Real ID unless the applicant appears in person and submits proof of the change, as required by rule by the department. [2017 c.568 §4]
Note: 807.455 (Issuance, replacement and renewal) becomes operative July 1, 2020. See section 21, chapter 568, Oregon Laws 2017.


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