Driving Privileges and Identification Cards

ORS 807.080
Driver competency testing certificates

  • waiver of demonstration test for persons certified
  • rules
  • fees


The Department of Transportation, by rule, shall provide for the following in a manner consistent with this section:


The issuance of driver competency testing certificates.


The regulation of persons issued driver competency testing certificates.


A person issued a driver competency testing certificate under this section may certify, in a manner established by the department, the competency of drivers to safely exercise driving privileges granted only under one or more of the following:


A Class A commercial driver license.


A Class B commercial driver license.


A Class C commercial driver license.


An endorsement related to a commercial driver license.


The department may waive an actual demonstration of ability to operate a motor vehicle under ORS 807.070 (Examinations) for an applicant who is certified by the holder of a driver competency testing certificate as competent to exercise the driving privileges in the class of license or in the endorsement sought by the applicant.


The rules adopted by the department under this section may establish reasonable fees for the issuance of a certificate or as part of any program of regulating certificate holders that is established by the department.


When adopting rules under this section, the department may:


Make the certificate renewable upon any basis determined convenient by the department and may include provisions for cancellation, revocation or suspension of certificates or for probation of certificate holders.


Provide for the issuance of certifications allowing the holder to certify competency in several classes or types of driving privileges or limiting the classes or types of driving privileges for which the holder may certify competency.


Establish the forms of certificates to be issued.


Establish and require forms that are to be used by certificate holders in certifying competency.


Establish any qualifications or requirements for obtaining a certificate that the department determines necessary to protect the interests of persons seeking certification by certificate holders.


Issue certificates to publicly owned and operated educational facilities to allow programs for certification of competency.


Issue certificates to employers to allow the employers to establish programs primarily for the certification of employees’ competency. The department may provide that programs established under this paragraph may be operated without driver training school certificates under ORS 822.500 (Operating commercial driver training school without certificate) and without driver training instructor certificates under ORS 822.525 (Acting as driver training instructor without certificate).


Establish any other provisions or requirements necessary to carry out the purposes of this section. [1985 c.608 §36; 1989 c.636 §20; 2005 c.649 §9]


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