Driving Privileges and Identification Cards

ORS 807.363
Issuance of driver license to person with limited vision condition


The Department of Transportation shall issue a driver license to a person with a limited vision condition if the person:


Complies with the requirements of ORS 807.040 (Requirements for issuance); and


Provides a certificate issued by a rehabilitation training specialist certifying that the person has successfully completed a rehabilitation training program.


A license issued to a person with a limited vision condition who meets the requirements of subsection (1) of this section is restricted to authorize operation of a motor vehicle only:


During daylight hours; and


When the person is using a bioptic telescopic lens.


A person issued a license under this section shall be examined every two years by a licensed vision specialist who certifies to the department that the person meets the vision requirements under ORS 807.359 (Special limited vision condition learner’s permit).


A person must use a bioptic telescopic lens whenever the person is required to take a test that is an actual demonstration of the person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle without endangering the safety of persons or property. [2003 c.277 §4; 2007 c.588 §2; 2013 c.473 §1]


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