Oregon Real Property Development
ORS 94.635
Association bylaws

The bylaws of an association adopted under ORS 94.625 (Formation of homeowners association), or amended or adopted under ORS 94.630 (Powers of association), shall provide for the following:


The organization of the association of owners in accordance with ORS 94.625 (Formation of homeowners association) and 94.630 (Powers of association), including when the initial meeting shall be held and the method of calling that meeting.


If a Class I planned community, the formation of a transitional advisory committee in accordance with ORS 94.604 (Transitional advisory committee).


The turnover meeting required under ORS 94.609 (Notice of meeting to turn over administrative responsibility), including the time by which the meeting shall be called, the method of calling the meeting, the right of an owner under ORS 94.609 (Notice of meeting to turn over administrative responsibility) (3) to call the meeting and a statement of the purpose of the meeting.


(a) The method of calling the annual meeting and all other meetings of the owners in accordance with ORS 94.650 (Meetings of lot owners); and


The percentage of votes that constitutes a quorum in accordance with ORS 94.655 (Quorum for association meetings).


(a) The election of a board of directors and the number of persons constituting the board;


The powers and duties of the board;


Any compensation of the directors; and


The method of removing directors from office in accordance with ORS 94.640 (Association board of directors) (6).


The terms of office of directors.


The method of calling meetings of the board of directors in accordance with ORS 94.640 (Association board of directors) (10) and a statement that all meetings of the board of directors shall be open to owners.


The offices of president, secretary and treasurer and any other offices of the association, and the method of selecting and removing officers and filling vacancies in the offices.


The preparation and adoption of a budget in accordance with ORS 94.645 (Adoption of annual budget).


(a) The program for maintenance, upkeep, repair and replacement of the common property;


The method of payment for the expense of the program and other expenses of the planned community; and


The method of approving payment vouchers.


The employment of personnel necessary for the administration of the planned community and maintenance, upkeep and repair of the common property.


The manner of collecting assessments from the owners.


Insurance coverage in accordance with ORS 94.675 (Insurance for common property) and 94.685 (Specification of insurance for individual lots).


The preparation and distribution of the annual financial statement required under ORS 94.670 (Association duty to keep documents and records).


The method of adopting administrative rules and regulations governing the details for the operation of the planned community and use of the common property.


The method of amending the bylaws in accordance with ORS 94.630 (Powers of association). The bylaws may require no greater than an affirmative majority of votes to amend any provision of the bylaws.


If additional property is proposed to be annexed pursuant to ORS 94.580 (Declaration) (3), the method of apportioning common expenses if new lots are added during the fiscal year.


Any other details regarding the planned community that the declarant or the association consider desirable. However, if a provision required to be in the declaration under ORS 94.580 (Declaration) is included in the bylaws, the voting requirements for amending the declaration shall govern the amendment of that provision of the bylaws. [1981 c.782 §37; 1999 c.677 §14; 2001 c.756 §14; 2009 c.641 §7; 2011 c.532 §16]
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