Real Property Development

ORS 94.829
Sale not allowed before issuance of public report

  • distribution and uses of report


No developer or agent of the developer shall sell a timeshare in a timeshare plan before the issuance of a public report for the timeshare plan, unless the public report has been waived under ORS 94.828 (Public report on plan) (3).


A copy of the public report, when issued, shall be given to the prospective purchaser of a timeshare by the developer or agent of the developer prior to the execution of a binding contract or agreement for the sale of the timeshare. The developer or the developer’s agent shall take a receipt from the prospective purchaser upon delivery of a copy of the Real Estate Commissioner’s public report. Each such receipt shall be kept on file by the developer within this state subject to inspection by the commissioner or the commissioner’s authorized representative for a period of three years from the date the receipt is taken.


The commissioner’s public report shall not be used for advertising purposes unless the report is used in its entirety. No portion of the public report shall be underscored, italicized or printed in larger or heavier type than the balance of the public report unless the true copy of the report emphasizes the portion.


The commissioner may furnish, at cost, copies of a public report for the use of a developer.


The requirements of this section extend to timeshares sold by the developer after repossession.


Remedies and sanctions available for violation of ORS 336.184 (Oregon Student Information Protection Act) and 646.605 (Definitions for ORS 336.184 and 646.605 to 646.652) to 646.656 (Remedies supplementary to existing statutory or common law remedies) are available for violation of this section, in addition to any other remedies or sanctions provided by law. [1985 c.76 §2]
§§ 94.803 to 94.945

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