Real Property Development

ORS 94.808
Managing entity as taxpayer


For the purposes of ad valorem taxation, the managing entity responsible for managing the timeshare plan shall be considered the taxpayer, as agent for the owners of the timeshare property.


All of the timeshare property within each timeshare plan shall be listed on the assessment roll by code area and account number as a single entry stating as one value the real market value and assessed value of the land and improvements, except that recreational facilities shall be separately valued and taxed to the owner thereof, as provided in subsection (1) of this section.


All rights and privileges afforded property owners by Oregon law as to appealing assessments shall apply only to the managing entity, as agent for the owners of the timeshare property.


The managing entity, as agent of the timeshare owners, shall remit the taxes assessed on the timeshare property. [1987 c.424 §2; 1991 c.459 §337]
§§ 94.803 to 94.945

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