Oregon Oregon Business Development Department
Rule Rule 123-668-1000
DUTIES & OPTIONS — Local Zone Manager

For purposes of ORS 285C.105 (Duties of zone sponsor)(1)(a):


The sponsor of an enterprise zone shall appoint and maintain a local zone manager, though not necessarily by resolution, which must be done no more than 90 days after the zone’s re-/designation if one was not appointed through the documentation submitted under ORS 285C.074 (Documentation for zone designation or redesignation to be submitted to department).


The sponsor or a particular cosponsor may delegate the authority to appoint the local zone manager to a person or body including but not limited to the current local zone manager.


The sponsor may make appointment of a local zone manager by way of an established position at a local agency or organization, whether public or private, as opposed to a named person.


The sponsor may appoint up to but not more than two persons to serve as local co-managers of the zone, which may not be treated as officially bifurcating the zone in any way.


Except as explicitly proscribed by the zone sponsor, the local zone manager shall act as the agent and representative of the enterprise zone in regard to any and all ministerial, intergovernmental, technical or promotional functions of the zone sponsor.


The local zone manager may be empowered by and on behalf of the zone sponsor or a cosponsor to make discretionary decisions or enter into agreements, for which the law does not stipulate adoption of a resolution by the governing body or bodies of the sponsor.


Whenever a local zone manager is appointed or a new person fills the appointed position, the sponsor needs to give written notice to the Department, the Department of Revenue and the county assessor soon afterwards.


Anyone may serve as local zone manager, but it behooves the sponsor to:


Select a person/position with complementary responsibilities, such as working regularly and locally with eligible business firms; and


Formalize zone manager duties in the person/position’s job description or contract.
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