Rule Rule 123-668-1400
Locally Available, Public Real Estate

For purposes of ORS 285C.105(1)(g) and 285C.110:


The zone sponsor shall:


Prepare and maintain a list and map of land, buildings and structures within the zone that are:


Owned by any agency on behalf of the state government or by any municipal corporation;


Not in use or officially designated for some public purpose; and


Suitable for an eligible business firm in terms of land use zoning ordinances.


Undertake reasonable efforts to make the real estate identified in subsection (a) of this section available for lease or purchase by authorized or qualified business firms for purposes of the standard exemption on qualified property under ORS 285C.175 (see OAR 123-674).


Except as otherwise precluded under Oregon or federal law/constitutional provisions, such firms are entitled to acquire the real estate identified in section (1) of this rule at a fair market rate/price, subject to the leasing or purchasing firms prompt development or redevelopment of the property pursuant to an approved application for authorization.


As used in ORS 285C.110 and for purposes of this rule, municipal corporation has the same meaning as found under ORS 294.311, including but not limited to any special or local service district, a peoples utility district or a joint operating agency under ORS 262.005.
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