Rule Rule 123-668-1600
Funds Derived through an Enterprise Zone

Moneys received by the sponsor from business firms represent a special but publicly accountable resource for the enterprise zone sponsor, which are likely to be substantial in only unusual cases, and include:


As specified in statute or law:


The authorization filing fee under ORS 285C.140(1)(c) consistent with OAR 123-668-1700;


The payback of one years tax savings in lieu of disqualification under ORS 285C.240(6), as described in OAR 123-674-6600 to 123-674-6630; or


The distribution to the sponsor and other taxing districts of 30 percent of the corporate income or excise taxes paid by a corporation under ORS 317.131, as addressed in OAR 123-690-8500.


Additional requirements imposed by the sponsor on a business firm, in conformance with OAR 123-668-2000 to 123-668-2500.
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