Rule Rule 123-668-2400
Zone Sponsor Policies

In terms of the means and authority by which local additional requirements are put into effect:


An enterprise zone sponsor shall consider a policy-making approach to achieve accountability and maintain consistency in imposing or setting such a requirement on business firms, especially in view of the following:


Constitutional or other legal protections for business firms; and


General principles of fairness and clarity regarding public purposes and intent.


Such a policy may apply uniformly to the situations as described in OAR 123-668-2000 (REQUIREMENTS ON BUSINESSES — Applicable Situations), or it may pertain to only certain situations.


Such a policy is relevant to the sponsor’s rationale in granting or refusing special benefits or waivers, as well as the additional requirements imposed or sought when granting the benefit or waiver to a business firm.


Except for conditions imposed by an urban enterprise zone under ORS 285C.150 (Conditions required by sponsor for authorization), such a policy does not need to be prospectively adopted, nor does it need to be based on formal documentation, and it may reflect the cumulative effect of the sponsor’s relevant past actions. A formal, explicit and prospective policy is preferable, especially whenever the following or comparable circumstances arise:


Relevant requests by business firms are common or expected to become increasingly frequent;


Sponsor would differentiate the basic decision to grant or refuse a special benefit or waiver, or to impose additional requirements, in terms of business or investment size or other factors;


The requirements imposed are numerous, complicated or otherwise entail various contingencies or matters of judgment that definite standards would facilitate; or


The sponsor would depart from an apparent pattern in terms of granting a special benefit or waiver or imposing certain corresponding requirements.


In an urban enterprise zone that has adopted a policy under ORS 285C.150 (Conditions required by sponsor for authorization), as described in OAR 123-668-2500 (Additional Conditions in an Urban Zone), any additional requirements imposed with other situations described in OAR 123-668-2000 (REQUIREMENTS ON BUSINESSES — Applicable Situations)(2) must:


Formally relate to the policy and standards adopted by the zone sponsor; and


Effectively supplement and not replace any condition normally imposed.


A city, port or county government that sponsors two or more enterprise zones is free to have different policies or to seek different local additional requirements among those zones.


In an enterprise zone sponsored by more than one city, port or county, the cosponsors must all jointly:


Adopt the same policy, standards, established local conditions and so forth under equivalent authority or method for purposes of this rule and the enterprise zone; and


Approve the same requisite written agreement in each case.
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