Rule Rule 123-668-2450
Approving Agreements

The sponsoring city, port or county governments of an enterprise zone may authorize the written agreement with a business firm in the case of OAR 123-668-2000 (REQUIREMENTS ON BUSINESSES — Applicable Situations)(1) or (2)(a) through a number of approaches, which may differ among the cosponsors, including but not limited to the following examples:


Approval by an official normally empowered to enter into such an agreement under the laws, charters, ordinances and conventions of the cosponsor;


Approval by the person or persons formally and specifically recognized to conclude the agreement, pursuant to a previous accord between the firm and the sponsor;


A specific resolution by the governing body authorizing a preliminary or final written agreement;


A specific resolution by the governing body that authorizes an agent to conclude such an agreement;


A standing policy adopted by the cosponsor that empowers a particular agent to negotiate such an agreement with all or some firms on behalf of the cosponsor (for example, the local zone manager); or


An intergovernmental agreement that delegates to the cosponsor(s), in whose jurisdiction the firm will locate its exempt property, the right to execute the agreement on behalf of the entire zone sponsor.
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