Rule Rule 123-668-1100
Reports by Sponsor at Beginning and End of an Enterprise Zone


Within six months after re-/designation of any enterprise zone, the zone sponsor shall provide the following information, unless fully completed as part of documentation submitted with re-/designation, to the Department and any other organization deemed appropriate by the sponsor for purposes of ORS 285C.105:


A description and examples of marketing plans, efforts or materials for the zone;


A list, map or other information necessary for identifying publicly owned land or buildings that are available for lease or purchase by an eligible business firm within the zone under ORS 285C.110 according to OAR 123-668-1400;


For an urban zone, indices identifying all land within the zone, which for example, may be accomplished by on-line locator software, and for which specific tax lots or street addresses are needed only for properties at which eligible development may occur;


Description of adopted policies and reasonable requirements that the sponsor will seek to impose under ORS 285C.150, 285C.155, 285C.160 or 285C.203 on authorized business firms, which must also be reported to the county assessor, Department of Revenue, and contact agency for publicly funded job training providers and First Source Hiring Agreements;


Confirmation of having appointed the local zone manager consistent with OAR 123-668-1000; and


The final form of any change in the election or restrictions to allow hotel, motel or destination resorts as eligible business firms in all or certain city or county jurisdictions of the enterprise zones, for which newly adopted resolution(s) are necessary as described in OAR 123-650-4800(2)(e).


The sponsor shall periodically update and repeat the reporting of information described in section (1) of this rule, as applicable or necessary under ORS 285C.105.


Within six months following the termination of an enterprise zone unless re-designated in its entirety, the sponsor of the terminated zone and the county assessor shall jointly submit to the Department of Revenue, Department and contact agency, a complete list of:


The names of all business firms authorized, certified or qualified in the zone at the time of termination and located outside of any currently designated enterprise zone;


The dates of submission and approval for each authorization or certification application;


The anticipated initial first year of each exemption; and


The status of each investment or exemption of the authorized, certified or qualified business firm (for example, under construction).
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