OAR 170-002-0100

The follow definitions apply to OAR 170-002-0100 (Definitions) through 170-002-0300 (Protest Filing and Judicial Review):


“Award” means the Treasurer’s communication to an Offeror of the Treasurer’s intent to enter into a Contract with the Offeror.


“Closing” means the date and time specified in a Contract solicitation as the deadline for submitting Offers.


“Contract” means a legally binding written agreement between the Treasurer and Offeror for the purchase and sale of Goods and Services or for Exempt goods, services or other transactions.


“Contractor” means a person with whom the Treasurer enters into a Contract.


“Days” means calendar days.


“Exempt” means the Public Contracting Code does not apply.


“Goods and Services” has the meaning given in ORS 279B.010 (Policy) and as clarified by OAR 170-002-0100 (Definitions).


“Offer” means a bid, proposal, quote or other writing or submission through which a person offers, Goods and Services, or Exempt goods, services, investments or other transactions, for a price or with certain qualifications to the Treasurer or otherwise responds to a Procurement.


“Offeror” means a person who submits an Offer.


“Procurement” means the process of soliciting Offers with the intention that there is an Award by the Treasurer of one or more Contracts or identification of potentially eligible Contractors at the end of the process.


“Procurement Officer” means any staff of the Treasurer whom the Treasurer has employed, or to whom the State Treasurer has delegated authority, to carry out Procurements, Contract administration and related activities.


“Public Contracting Code” or “Code” means ORS chapters 279A, 279B, and 279C, and rules promulgated by the Department of Administrative Services to carry out the Code.


“Responsible” means the Treasurer reasonably believes that the Offeror would be a reliable, competent, responsible, and an accountable and a legally authorized Contractor.


“Solicitation Document” means a written, including electronically transmitted, inquiry issued to one or more persons soliciting Offers.


“Treasurer” means the Office of the State Treasurer.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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