Oregon Oregon State Treasury

Rule Rule 170-002-0155
Electronic Procurements


The Treasurer may conduct all phases of a Procurement, including providing public notice and receiving Offers, by electronic methods as provided in a Solicitation Document, or any other written instructions on how to participate.


Any Offeror electronically submitting an Offer to the Treasurer agrees to conduct business with the Treasurer electronically. All communication about the Procurement will be done through the Treasurer’s electronic procurement system.


The Treasurer will use and accept electronic signatures. The use of electronic signatures must be consistent with applicable statutes and rules. If an Offeror or Contractor resides in a country, territory, or jurisdiction that does not recognize electronic signatures, the Treasurer will not use or accept electronic signatures.


Offerors must register with the Treasurer’s electronic procurement system before submitting electronic Offers. The Offeror must agree to the terms, conditions, or other requirements of the Solicitation Document or other requirements governing the Procurement process.


The Offeror must submit an electronic Offer on or before the Closing date and time identified in the Solicitation Document. The date and time stamp assigned by the Treasurer’s electronic procurement system determines whether an electronic Offer is submitted timely. The opening and closing time of all Procurements is Pacific Time, whether Pacific Daylight Time, or Pacific Standard Time.


If the Treasurer’s electronic procurement system does not allow one or more Offerors to submit electronic Offers, the Treasurer may cancel or extend the Procurement. The Treasurer will provide notice to potential Offerors of the cancellation or extension through the electronic procurement system once the system becomes available.

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Jun. 8, 2021