Oregon Oregon State Treasury

Rule Rule 170-002-0300
Protest Filing and Judicial Review


This rule applies to both Exempt Procurements and Contracts, and Procurements and Contracts for Goods and Services.


Before seeking judicial review, an affected person must file a written protest with the Treasurer. An affected person may file a protest in the manner described in ORS 279B.400 (Protests and judicial review of approvals of special procurements), 279B.405 (Protests and judicial review of solicitations), and 279B.410 (Protests of contract award).


The affected person must file their protest within 20 days of the Treasurer’s action that gives rise to the right to file a protest.


The Treasurer will make findings and issue its determination within 60 days of receiving the protest.


If the protester disagrees with the Treasurer’s decision, the protester may file judicial review of a protest decision by the Treasurer in the manner described in ORS 279B.415 (Judicial review of protests of contract award) and ORS 279B.420 (Judicial review of other violations).

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Jun. 8, 2021