OAR 170-002-0110
Procurement Policy and Approach


The Attorney General’s model rules do not apply to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will consider the Attorney General’s model rules for guidance when exercising Contract and Procurement discretion, particularly with respect to Procurements of Goods and Services subject to ORS Chapter 279B (Public Procurements). The Procurement Officer will review this division of the Treasurer’s administrative rules each time the Attorney General modifies its model rules to determine whether to modify this division to comply with statutory or other changes.


The Treasurer will contract with an outside party when it is not feasible to use personnel or resources within the agency because the specialized skills, knowledge or resources to perform are not available within the Treasurer’s office; services cannot be performed in a reasonable time by the Treasurer’s staff; it is less expensive to contract with a third party; or an independent and impartial evaluation of a situation by recognized professionals is required. Contracts will be awarded only after approval of the Treasurer or designee.


The Treasurer’s policy is to continuously improve Procurement practices to reflect the marketplace while promoting public confidence by demonstrating ethical behavior, fair dealing, honesty, and good faith. Further, it is the Treasurer’s policy to encourage competition in the marketplace, unless it is not practicable to achieve the public policy goals for banking, borrowing, and investing.


The Treasurer will evaluate Offers based on performance factors and other aspects of service quality, as well as pricing, in selecting the Offer most advantageous to the state. Awards will be made to the most responsive Responsible Offeror(s) based on the best overall value, and not solely on lowest cost.


The Treasurer may provide any part of or all of an education or training program that meets the standards established by the Treasurer, or may approve any part of all of an education or training program provided by the Department of Administrative Services or other provider that meets the standards and requirements established by the Treasurer under ORS 279A.159 (Education and training or experience requirements for persons that conduct procurements or administer contracts for state contracting agencies)(3) and this rule.

Source: Rule 170-002-0110 — Procurement Policy and Approach, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=170-002-0110.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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