OAR 177-092-0025
Purchasing a Share and Placing a Bet


An eligible player purchases shares in Scoreboard and places a bet on a sporting event through their player account on the mobile app or site.


The odds and prize amount or “winnings” associated with each bet are determined by the Lottery and must be digitally displayed to the player before the bet is confirmed.


The Lottery only accepts bets placed digitally.


A bet may only be placed when the player is physically located within the geographic boundary of the state of Oregon and not on tribal lands.


The Lottery must be able to verify the physical location of the player when the bet is placed. Players must consent to the Lottery’s use of geolocation technologies as described in OAR 177-046-0022 (Player Account).


The Lottery will use official, publicly available data sources to geolocate tribal lands and prohibit mobile gaming therein. For purposes of this rule, “tribal lands” means federal Indian reservations, lands held in trust by the federal government for the benefit of federally recognized tribes, and lands held in fee by federally recognized tribes.


The bet amount may not exceed the player balance; under no circumstances will the Lottery extend credit to a player.


The Lottery may, in its sole discretion, from time to time, offer bonuses, free bets, or similar promotional incentives. These appear in the player balance and may be used to place bets but have no cash value and are not eligible for withdrawal. (The prize from a winning bet placed using bonus funds or free bets is eligible for withdrawal subject to applicable rules about prizes and prize payment.) Each bonus or promotional offer is subject to terms and conditions or limitations that will be disclosed to players on the mobile app or site such as, but not limited to, the requirement to use the full amount of the bonus in a single transaction or forfeit the unused portion. Players must comply with any additional terms and conditions or requirements to be eligible to use bonuses, free bets, and similar promotional incentives.


Bets may only be placed on sporting events associated with a recognized governing body. The Lottery determines available bets at any given time at the Lottery’s sole discretion. Available bets are displayed to players on the mobile app or site. The Lottery may refuse a bet at any time for any reason.


Placing duplicative or identical bets is prohibited.


Once confirmed, a bet cannot be cancelled or changed by the player. It is the sole responsibility of the player to verify the accuracy of the bet prior to confirmation. The Lottery is not responsible for any bet placed in error.


Some bets may, from time to time, display an option to settle a confirmed bet early for a certain percentage of the original bet. This feature is known as “Cash Out“ or ”Bet Back" and is available only at the Lottery’s sole discretion on some bets at some times.
(11) Disputes regarding player eligibility, the amount of a bet, the time a bet was placed, odds on a particular bet, whether a bet is a winning bet, and the amount of any prize are resolved at the sole discretion of the director of the Oregon State Lottery or the director’s designee.

Source: Rule 177-092-0025 — Purchasing a Share and Placing a Bet, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=177-092-0025.

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