OAR 177-092-0035
Method for Validating Bets and Determining Winners


An eligible player wins a prize in Scoreboard by placing a confirmed and validated winning bet. Lottery decisions regarding the validity of a bet are final and binding. The Lottery has the sole discretion to determine winning bets based on the official event results.


A bet in Scoreboard is valid if the bet was placed in accordance with OAR 177-092-0025 (Purchasing a Share and Placing a Bet) and other applicable rules by an eligible player through a valid player account, the bet was confirmed, and the bet is not otherwise voided or refunded by the Lottery pursuant to any applicable rule or the terms and conditions.


A validated bet is a winning bet if the outcome on which the shares were risked accords with the official event results as provided in this section and the in-game rules.


The Lottery has sole discretion to determine the official event results. The scores and results for a game become the official event results when the Lottery enters the results in the Lottery’s sports betting platform. The Lottery reserves the right to delay entering official event results when needed to review information relevant to the outcome of the sporting event. Some game results only become official after a certain time delay as determined by the applicable governing body for any given sporting event. The Lottery will generally defer to the governing body for official event results but the Lottery retains ultimate discretion to determine winners and pay prizes.
(b) If a sporting event is cancelled, suspended, abandoned, or interrupted or the Lottery is for any reason unable to determine the outcome of a sporting event or particular occurrence within a sporting event on which bets were placed, then related bets may be voided at the Lottery’s sole discretion as provided in OAR 177-092-0050 (Voided Bets, Refunds, and Resettlements) and the in-game rules for the sporting event.

Source: Rule 177-092-0035 — Method for Validating Bets and Determining Winners, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=177-092-0035.

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