OAR 177-092-0030

The price to purchase a share in Scoreboard is the amount the player chooses to bet subject to all of the following limitations:


Bet Limits. In order to responsibly manage funds for the public purpose, the Lottery reserves to right to impose minimum and maximum limits on the bet amount or prize amount at any given time based on the sport, odds, risk, and related factors. This will be communicated to the player when the player attempts to place a bet at a certain amount or for a certain prize payout that the Lottery will not accept.


Additional Limitations on Bet Amount:


Player Balance and Funding Account Limits: The bet amount may not exceed the player balance. The player balance is further limited by the player’s deposit limit and any limits set by the financial institution that holds the funding account or any other financial institution or payment processor involved in the transaction.
(b) Personal Limits: The player may establish personal deposit, bet, or loss limits using the responsible gaming tools in the player account. When in effect, the player may not deposit or bet above the personal limit.
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(June 8, 2021)

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