OAR 177-092-0040


The number of prizes for Scoreboard is not predetermined by the Lottery. The overall prize percentage payout for Scoreboard will vary from bet to bet due to factors which include, but are not limited to, the number of players participating and the number of winning bets.


Except as provided in section (3) of this rule, the value of the prize in Scoreboard is equal to the “winnings” that is digitally displayed to the player on the bet slip before the bet is confirmed:


The prize amount or “winnings” is based on the amount of the bet selected by the player and the odds associated with the bet. The Lottery calculates the prize amount or “winnings” using American odds even if the player has selected to display odds in an alternative format.


The prize amount or “winnings” digitally displayed to the player on the bet slip includes the original bet amount that the Lottery returns to the player as a prize plus any additional prize amount, unless the original bet was placed using all or part bonus or similar promotional incentive funds, in which case, the amount of bonus funds used is not returned to the player as a prize.


The prize amount or “winnings” on a winning bet or a bet settled as a draw is subject to legally required offsets described in OAR 177-046-0110 (Payment of Prizes) and other applicable laws and rules.
(3) Prize When Bet Settled as a Draw. Notwithstanding any other rule or the winnings amount that was displayed to the player before the bet was confirmed, The Lottery may settle a bet as a draw when the sporting event ends right on the listed point spread or finishes in a tie or draw. When a bet is settled as a draw, the prize is equal to the original bet amount and is subject to any prize offsets as described in other applicable laws and rules.
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