OAR 177-092-0045
Payment of Prizes


The prize amount on a winning bet in Scoreboard is credited to the player account only after:


The identity and eligibility of the player have been verified;


The bet is validated and determined to be a winning bet or a bet settled as a draw; and


All offsets or other deductions required by law as described in OAR 177-010-0090 (Child Support Validation Check), 177-010-0094 (Overpayments Recovery Validation Check), and 177-046-0110 (Payment of Prizes) have been completed.
(2) After the net prize amount credits to the player account, the equivalent amount of money is deposited in the funding account, and the player may withdraw the amount from the funding account as described in OAR 177-046-0027 (Funding Account).
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2 years ago
(June 8, 2021)

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