OAR 333-006-0050
Community Lead Requirements

(1) Community leads must:
(a) Implement a universal newborn nurse home visiting services model that has been reviewed by the Administration for Children and Families to meet the HHS criteria for an evidence-based early childhood home visiting service delivery model.
(b) Coordinate with all certified providers in its identified community so that all families with newborns are contacted no later than two weeks after birth of the newborn and offered services.
(c) Develop and implement strategies in collaboration with the Authority to obtain funding to facilitate the provision of newborn nurse home visiting services.
(d) Collaborate with other home visiting providers to integrate newborn nurse home visiting services into the existing services for families in the identified community so that a coordinated system of support is in place.
(e) Maintain a written plan describing how the community lead will comply with subsections (a) through (d) of this section.
(2) Community leads shall maintain, and consider input from, an advisory board that:
(a) Includes stakeholders from the identified community with representation from the following where applicable: parents, medical providers, hospitals, social service providers serving families, WIC, child protective services, early learning hub, tribal leadership, LPHA, Coordinated Care Organizations, insurers that offer health benefit plans, newborn nurse home visiting services providers and other home visiting providers.
(b) Meets at least quarterly and distributes meeting minutes to board members and certified providers in the identified community.
(3) Community leads shall assure local community resources are compiled in a web-based format or printed directory and updated at least quarterly for use by certified providers.
(4) Community leads shall engage in quality assurance activities that include:
(a) A monthly review of data including key performance indicators such as scheduling rate, comprehensive newborn nurse home visit completion rate, follow-up rate, demographic profile of families receiving services, community connections and referrals in the identified community.
(b) A monthly review of feedback from families in the identified community receiving services using standardized methodology.
(c) Monitoring program reach in the identified community measured by the ratio of number of completed comprehensive newborn nurse home visits to total births in the identified community taking into consideration the number of births served by other home visiting providers.
(5) Community leads shall provide the Authority access to data for program monitoring and evaluation in a manner and format designated by the Authority.
(6) Community leads shall work with the Authority to address quality improvement needs.
(7) Community leads shall submit the following de-identified data electronically to the Authority in a manner and format designated by the Authority on a quarterly basis:
(a) The number of infants born during the previous quarter who reside in the identified community;
(b) For each certified provider in the identified community:
(A) The scheduling rate;
(B) Comprehensive newborn nurse home visit completion rate;
(C) Follow-up rate;
(D) Demographic profile of families receiving newborn nurse home visiting services;
(E) Community connections and referrals;
(F) Feedback from families and referral partner feedback; and
(c) Any other data identified by the Authority.
(8) Community leads shall collaborate and coordinate with tribes designated as community leads operating in the same geographic area.

Source: Rule 333-006-0050 — Community Lead Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-006-0050.

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