Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-006-0080
Newborn Nurse Home Visiting Services Provider Application Review

(1) The Authority shall review the application to determine if it is complete. If the applicant does not provide all of the documentation and information required in OAR 333-006-0070 (Newborn Nurse Home Visiting Services Provider Certification), the Authority shall reject the application as incomplete.
(2) If the applicant meets all of the certification requirements, the Authority may:
(a) Issue the applicant a written certificate that includes the identified community(ies); and
(b) Schedule an on-site review in accordance with OAR 333-006-0140 (Newborn Nurse Home Visiting Services Provider Review).
(3) The Authority shall not issue a certificate with an effective date prior to January 1, 2021.
(4) The Authority may deny an applicant if:
(a) The applicant does not meet all of the requirements of these rules;
(b) The applicant submitted false, misleading, or incorrect information;
(c) The applicant does not comply or has a history of past noncompliance with these rules; or
(d) The applicant poses a danger to public health or safety.
(5) If the Authority denies the applicant, the Authority shall notify the applicant of the denial in accordance with ORS chapter 183.

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