OAR 333-006-0110
Newborn Nurse Home Visiting Services Provider Requirements

(1) Certified providers must:
(a) Provide services that meet the requirements for the universal newborn nurse home visiting model implemented by the community lead in the provider’s identified community.
(b) Provide visits and services that meet the requirements for newborn nurse home visiting in OAR 333-006-0120 (Visit and Service Requirements).
(2) Certified providers must ensure that families of newborns understand that participating in the services is voluntary and carry no negative consequences for a family that declines to participate.
(3) Certified providers may only provide services after obtaining written informed consent from an individual with authority to consent to the services.
(4) Certified providers shall develop and implement policies and procedures regarding provider operations, including but not limited to:
(a) Home visitor safety;
(b) Obtaining written consent for services prior to provision of services;
(c) Newborn nurse home visiting services documentation;
(d) Mandatory abuse reporting;
(e) Security and confidentiality of provider records and communications;
(f) Services for persons with disabilities;
(g) Services for persons with limited English proficiency;
(h) Billing services to public and private payors; and
(i) Communication with primary care providers of care to the families.
(5) Reimbursement of cost of services:
(a) Certified providers shall seek reimbursement for the costs of services provided to families with newborns from private and public payors.
(b) Prior to providing services, certified providers shall explain to the family with a newborn the family’s insurance coverage for the services.
(6) Certified providers must:
(a) Facilitate or conduct weekly team meetings for peer review of families who received a home visit during the preceding week that includes all staff who interact with families.
(b) Submit newborn nurse home visiting services data in a manner and format designated by the Authority.
(c) Ensure that each nurse home visitor is supervised by a registered nurse trained to provide quality assurance on the home visit protocol.
(d) Ensure that each quarter every home visitor has at least:
(A) One home visit observed for quality assurance review; and
(B) One chart reviewed.
(e) Communicate with primary care providers providing care to the family.
(f) Ensure all staff working in the Newborn Nurse Home Visiting Program complete the training required in OAR 333-006-0130 (Newborn Nurse Home Visitor Services Provider Training Requirements).
(g) Confirm that staff have and maintain required licenses or certifications at the beginning of employment and at least annually.
(h) Maintain personnel records documenting any required licenses, certifications, training, and supervision.
(7) Certified providers must ensure that:
(a) Comprehensive newborn nurse home visits are provided by registered nurses licensed in Oregon;
(b) All services are delivered in a culturally responsive manner; and
(c) All services are delivered according to standards of practice for trauma informed care.

Source: Rule 333-006-0110 — Newborn Nurse Home Visiting Services Provider Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-006-0110.

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