Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-006-0170
Newborn Nurse Home Visiting Services Provided by Telehealth

(1) For the purposes of this rule “telehealth” includes synchronous (live two-way interactive) video and audio transmission resulting in a real time communication between the home visitor and the client. Telehealth only includes telephone communication if a video platform is not available.
(2) Any visit or service provided under OAR 333-006-0120 (Visit and Service Requirements) may be provided through telehealth rather than an in-person visit to the family’s home.
(3) All services provided by telehealth must be provided according to clinical and telehealth guidelines approved by the Authority. All services provided by telehealth must be provided in accordance with these rules except that:
(a) Screening for intimate partner violence may be delayed or omitted for safety reasons during a telehealth visit.
(b) Certified providers may obtain oral consent for services, as an alternative to written consent, prior to provision of services. Providers must document consent for services in the family’s record.
(4) Certified providers providing services through telehealth shall develop and implement telehealth policies and procedures that describe appropriate use of communication technology and considerations for privacy protections.
(5) Certified providers may virtually observe telehealth home visits for quality assurance review.
(6) Certified providers must allow for virtual reviews of the provider and permit the Authority/designee timely access to provider records as an alternative to an on-site review.
(7) This rule is effective only during a Governor-declared or Authority-declared public health emergency or up to 180 days from the date this rule is adopted.

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Jun. 8, 2021