Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-006-0130
Newborn Nurse Home Visitor Services Provider Training Requirements

(1) Certified providers shall ensure that staff working in the program timely receive the training in this rule.
(2) All staff working in the program must receive training that includes an overview of the universal newborn nurse home visiting model implemented by the community lead in the certified provider’s identified community prior to providing services.
(3) All staff working in the program must receive the following training prior to providing services and annually thereafter:
(a) Culturally and linguistic responsiveness and implicit bias;
(b) Child abuse and vulnerable adult mandatory reporting; and
(c) Other training as required by the Authority.
(4) All home visitors and supervisors providing services must, prior to providing services, receive an orientation that includes:
(a) Overview of the newborn nurse home visiting services home visit protocol;
(b) Documentation of services;
(c) Observational training that includes services delivery, documentation and fidelity assessment;
(d) Foundations of infant mental health;
(e) Motivational interviewing;
(f) Maternal and newborn physical assessments;
(g) Lactation;
(h) Adverse childhood experiences and resilience; and
(i) Home visitor safety.

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Jun. 8, 2021