Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-008-0085
Designated Primary Caregivers and Organization or Facility Caregivers

(1) A designated primary caregiver may assist their patient with any matter related to the medical use of marijuana, including:
(a) The production of marijuana at the address provided by the patient to the Oregon Health Authority pursuant to ORS 475B.797 (Registry identification cardholders)(2)(f); and
(b) The processing of marijuana into cannabinoid concentrates or medical cannabinoid products.
(2) If a designated primary caregiver is primarily responsible for the production of marijuana for the patient, the caregiver must also be designated as the patient’s PRMG.
(3) A designated primary caregiver may not:
(a) Process marijuana extracts for a patient unless the caregiver is registered as a processing site under ORS 475B.840 (Marijuana processing site registration system).
(b) Transfer cannabinoid concentrates or cannabinoid products to a dispensary or a medical marijuana processor, except as permitted under ORS 475B.852 (Prohibition against transferring medical cannabinoid products, concentrates and extracts to certain persons).
(4) Unless otherwise specified in ORS 475B.785 (Findings) to 475B.949 (Authority to adopt rules for ORS 475B.785 to 475B.949) or these rules, an organization or facility caregiver:
(a) Has all the duties, functions and powers of a designated primary caregiver as prescribed by ORS 475B.785 (Findings) to 475B.949 (Authority to adopt rules for ORS 475B.785 to 475B.949); and
(b) Is subject to rules applicable to a designated primary caregiver.

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Jun. 8, 2021