OAR 333-062-0020


Public spa pools built prior to June 23, 1981, are exempt from the following requirements of these rules, provided such pools are constructed and maintained in accordance with the plans approved by the Division for the construction of the spa pool, and provided the exemption does not present a health or safety hazard:


OAR 333-062-0065 (Illumination)(3);


OAR 333-062-0085 (Decks)(1), (2), and (10);


OAR 333-062-0090 (Overflow Systems)(2)(a);


OAR 333-062-0095 (Recirculation Systems)(3) and (4);


OAR 333-062-0100 (Inlets)(2);


OAR 333-062-0115 (Filters)(2)(a), (b), (c);


OAR 333-062-0140 (Equipment Room)(1).


The above exemptions do not apply to any alteration or replacement of the affected components.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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