OAR 333-062-0085


A 6’ x 8’ continuous unobstructed deck shall be provided on at least one side of all public spa pools with less than 100 square feet of water surface. Public spa pools with 100 square feet of water surface area or more shall provide additional deck area at least four feet wide around at least 50 percent of the spa.


Walkways and decks shall be constructed of concrete, non-slip tile or equally impervious material with a smooth, but non-slip, easily cleanable surface.


Decks shall slope no less than 14” (6 mm) per foot (30 cm).


Deck surfaces shall be slip-resistant.


Joints between concrete deck slabs shall be water tight and shall be designed so as to protect the pool, coping and its mortar bed from movement of the deck.


Decks shall be provided with expansion joints. New and replacement expansion joints shall not be constructed of wood.


Voids between adjoining concrete deck slabs shall be no greater than 316” (5 mm).


Adjoining deck surface elevations shall vary no more than 14” (6 mm).


Decks shall be drained to perimeter drains.


Wood decking around public spa pools is prohibited.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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