OAR 333-121-0001
Purpose and Scope


This division contains requirements for the issuance of a license authorizing the use of sealed sources containing radioactive material in irradiators used to irradiate objects or materials using gamma radiation. This division also contains radiation safety requirements for operating irradiators. The requirements of this division are in addition to other requirements of these regulations. In particular, the provisions of divisions 100, 102, 120, and 111 of chapter 333 apply to applications and licenses subject to this division. Nothing in this division relieves the licensee from complying with other applicable federal, state and local regulations governing the siting, zoning, land use, and building code requirements for industrial facilities.


The regulations in this division apply to panoramic irradiators that have either dry or wet storage of the radioactive sealed sources and to underwater irradiators in which both the source and the product being irradiated are under water. Irradiators whose dose rates exceed 5 grays (500 rads) per hour at 1 meter from the radioactive sealed sources in air or in water, as applicable for the irradiator type, are covered by this division.


The regulations in this division do not apply to self-contained dry-source-storage irradiators in which both the source and the area subject to irradiation are contained within a device and are not accessible by personnel; medical radiology or teletherapy; radiography for the irradiation of materials for nondestructive testing purposes; gauging; or open-field, agricultural, irradiations.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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