OAR 333-121-0500
Records and Retention Periods

The licensee must maintain the following records at the irradiator for the periods specified.


A copy of the license, the license conditions, documents incorporated into the license by reference, and amendments thereto until superseded by new documents or until the Authority terminates the license for documents not superseded.


Records of each individual’s training, tests, and safety reviews provided to meet the requirements of OAR 333-121-0300 (Training)(1), 333-121-0300 (Training)(2), 333-121-0300 (Training)(3), 333-121-0300 (Training)(4), 333-121-0300 (Training)(6), and 333-121-0300 (Training)(7) until three years after the individual terminates work.


Records of the annual evaluations of the safety performance of irradiator operators required by 333-121-0300 (Training)(5) for three years after the evaluation.


A copy of the current operating and emergency procedures required by OAR 333-121-0310 (Operating and Emergency Procedures) until superseded or the Authority terminates the license. Records of the radiation safety officer’s review and approval of changes in procedures as required by 333-121-0310 (Operating and Emergency Procedures)(3)(c) retained for three years from the date of the change.


Film badge and other personnel dosimeters results required by OAR 333-121-0320 (Personnel Monitoring) until the Authority terminates the license.


Records of radiation surveys required by OAR 333-121-0330 (Radiation Surveys) for three years from the date of the survey.


Records of radiation survey meter calibrations required by OAR 333-121-0330 (Radiation Surveys) and pool water conductivity meter calibrations required by 333-121-0360 (Pool Water Purity)(2) until three years from the date of calibration.


Records of the results of leak tests required by OAR 333-121-0340 (Detection of Leaking Sources)(1) and the results of contamination checks required by 333-121-0340 (Detection of Leaking Sources)(2) for three years from the date of each test.


Records of inspection and maintenance checks required by OAR 333-121-0350 (Inspection and Maintenance) for three years.


Records of major malfunctions, significant defects, operating difficulties or irregularities, and major operating problems that involve required radiation safety equipment for three years after repairs are completed.


Records of the receipt, transfer and disposal, of all licensed sealed sources as required by 333-102-0330 (Special Requirement for a Specific License to Manufacture, Assemble, Repair or Distribute Commodities, Products or Devices Which Contain Radioactive Material: Transfer of Material) of these rules.


Records on the design checks required by OAR 333-121-0190 (Design Requirements) and the construction control checks as required by 333-121-0200 (Construction Monitoring and Acceptance Testing) until the license is terminated. The records must be signed and dated. The title or qualification of the person signing must be included.


Records related to decommissioning of the irradiator as required by 333-102-0200 (General Licenses — Radioactive Material Other than Source Material: General Requirements for the Issuance of Specific Licenses)(6).

Source: Rule 333-121-0500 — Records and Retention Periods, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-121-0500.

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