OAR 333-121-0510


In addition to the reporting requirements in other parts of these regulations, the licensee must report the following events if not reported under other parts of these regulations:


Source stuck in an unshielded position.


Any fire or explosion in a radiation room.


Damage to the source racks.


Failure of the cable or drive mechanism used to move the source racks.


Inoperability of the access control system.


Detection of radiation source by the product exit monitor.


Detection of radioactive contamination attributable to licensed radioactive material.


Structural damage to the pool liner or walls.


Water loss or leakage from the source storage pool, greater than the irradiator pool design parameters submitted by the licensee or applicant.


Pool water conductivity exceeding 100 microsiemens per centimeter.


The report must include a telephone report within 24 hours as described in 333-120-0710 (Reports: Notification of Incidents)(2), and a written report within 30 days as described in 333-120-0720 (Reports of Exposures, Radiation Levels, Leak Tests, and Concentrations of Radioactive Material Exceeding the Limits).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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