OAR 333-121-0350
Inspection and Maintenance


The licensee must perform inspection and maintenance checks that include, as a minimum, each of the following at the frequency specified in the license or license application:


Operability of each aspect of the access control system required by OAR 333-121-0110 (Access Control).


Functioning of the source position indicator required by OAR 333-121-0150 (Control of Source Movement)(2).


Operability of the radiation monitor for radioactive contamination in pool water required by OAR 333-121-0340 (Detection of Leaking Sources)(2) using a radiation check source, if applicable.


Operability of the over-pool radiation monitor at underwater irradiators as required by OAR 333-121-0140 (Radiation Monitors)(2).


Operability of the product exit monitor required by OAR 333-121-0140 (Radiation Monitors)(1).


Operability of the emergency source return control required by OAR 333-121-0150 (Control of Source Movement)(3).


Visual inspection of leak-tightness of systems through which pool water circulates.


Operability of the heat and smoke detectors and extinguisher system required by OAR 333-121-0130 (Fire Protection), without turning extinguishers on.


Operability of the means of pool water replenishment required by OAR 333-121-0160 (Irradiator Pools)(3).


Operability of the indicators of high and low pool water levels required by OAR 333-121-0160 (Irradiator Pools)(4).


Operability of the intrusion alarm required by OAR 333-121-0110 (Access Control)(9) if applicable.


Functioning and wear of the system, mechanisms, and cables used to raise and lower sources.


Condition of the barrier to prevent products from hitting the sources or source mechanism as required by OAR 333-121-0170 (Source Rack Protection).


Amount of water added to the pool to determine if the pool is leaking.


Electrical wiring on required safety systems for radiation damage.


Pool water conductivity measurements and analysis as required by OAR 333-121-0360 (Pool Water Purity)(2).


Malfunctions and defects found during inspection and maintenance checks must be repaired within time frames specified in the license or license application.

Source: Rule 333-121-0350 — Inspection and Maintenance, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-121-0350.

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