Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-510-0115
Nurse Staffing Plan Review Requirement


The staffing committee shall:


Review the staffing plan at least once per year; and


At any other time specified by either co-chair of the staffing committee.


In reviewing the staffing plan, the staffing committee shall consider:


Patient outcomes;


Complaints regarding staffing, including complaints about a delay in direct care nursing or an absence of direct care nursing;


The number of hours of nursing care provided through a hospital unit compared with the number of patients served by the hospital unit during a 24-hour period;


The aggregate hours of mandatory overtime worked by nursing staff;


The aggregate hours of voluntary overtime worked by nursing staff;


The percentage of shifts for each hospital unit for which staffing differed from what is required by the staffing plan;


Any other matter determined by the committee to be necessary to ensure that the hospital is staffed to meet the health care needs of patients; and


Any report filed by a nursing staff member stating the nursing staff member’s belief that the hospital unit engaged in a pattern of requiring direct care nursing staff to work overtime for nonemergency care.


Following its review of the staffing plan, the staffing committee shall issue a written report to the hospital that indicates whether the staffing plan ensures that the hospital is adequately staffed and meets the health care needs of patients. If the report indicates that it does not, the staffing committee shall modify the staffing plan as necessary to accomplish this goal.

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Jun. 8, 2021