OAR 333-536-0042


Any person may make a complaint verbally or in writing to the Division regarding an allegation as to the care or services provided by an in-home care agency or violations of in-home care agency laws or regulations.


The identity of a person making a complaint will be kept confidential.


Information obtained by the Division during an investigation of a complaint or reported violation is confidential and not subject to public disclosure under ORS 192.410 through 192.505.


Upon conclusion of an investigation, the Division may publicly release a report of its findings but may not include information in the report that could be used to identify the complainant or any client of an in-home care agency. The Division may use any information obtained during an investigation in an administrative or judicial proceeding concerning the licensing of an in-home care agency.


An employee with knowledge of a violation of law or rules of the Division shall use the reporting procedures established by an in-home care agency before notifying the Division or other state agency of the inappropriate care or violation, unless the employee:


Believes a client’s health or safety is in immediate jeopardy; or


Files a complaint in accordance with section (1) of this rule.


If a complaint involves an allegation of criminal conduct or an allegation that is within the jurisdiction of another local, state, or federal agency, the Division shall refer the matter to that agency.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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