OAR 333-536-0120
Formal Enforcement


If during an investigation or survey Division staff document a substantial failure to comply with in-home care licensing laws or rules, or if an agency fails to pay a civil penalty imposed under ORS 443.325 (Grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of license) and these rules, the Division may issue a Notice of Proposed Suspension or Notice of Proposed Revocation in accordance with ORS 183.411 (Delegation of final order authority) through 183.470 (Orders in contested cases).


The Division may issue a Notice of Imposition of Civil Penalty for violations of in-home care licensing laws.


At any time the Division may issue a Notice of Emergency License Suspension under ORS 183.430 (Hearing on refusal to renew license)(2).


If the Division revokes an agency license, the order shall specify when, if ever, the agency may reapply for a license.


The Division may reissue an agency license that has been suspended or revoked after the Division determines that compliance with these rules has been achieved.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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