OAR 333-536-0080
Nursing Services


If an agency has been approved to provide nursing services, the services must be provided by an Oregon-licensed registered nurse employed by the agency and provided only to a client whose medical condition and health status is stable and predictable. The services shall be provided as requested by a client or a client’s representative and shall be in accordance with these rules, the applicable administrative rules of the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OAR chapter 851, division 047), and the service plan.


Delegation of specific tasks of nursing care to unlicensed persons shall be conducted and documented by the registered nurse as required by the Oregon State Board of Nursing administrative rules chapter 851, division 047. A client’s record shall contain documentation that all requirements within those rules have been met, including but not limited to: assessment, instruction, observation, supervision, and re-evaluation.


A client’s service plan shall include current identification of the delegated specific task(s) of nursing care to be provided and shall specify the caregivers to whom the task(s) have been delegated.


The provision of nursing services as described in this rule shall be documented by the individual(s) providing the service(s) or performing the task(s). The documentation shall include the services(s) or task(s) completed, the date and signature of the individual(s) performing the service(s) or task(s), and shall be maintained in accordance with an agency’s policies and procedures.


For all medications and medical treatments managed or administered by an agency under this rule, and for any changes to those medications or medical treatments, a registered nurse shall obtain written or telephone orders from a physician or other legally recognized practitioner.


Written orders shall be signed or confirmed by a physician or practitioner.


Telephone orders shall be immediately recorded, dated, and signed by the registered nurse, and transmitted within 72 hours to the physician or practitioner for confirmation. The orders that have been signed or confirmed by the physician or practitioner shall be incorporated into the client’s record within 30 days.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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