OAR 333-536-0045
Services Provided


The services provided by an agency must include the safe provision of or assistance with, personal care tasks related to one or more of the following:




Personal grooming and hygiene;




Toileting and elimination;


Mobility and movement;


Nutrition/hydration and feeding;


Medication reminding.


An agency may provide medication reminding services for clients who can self-direct as defined in OAR 333-536-0005 (Definitions) if the agency:


Documents the client’s knowledge of the following information using a standardized form required by the Division:


The reason why each medication is taken;


The amount or dose of each medication that needs to be taken;


The route the medication needs to be taken; and


The time of day each medication needs to be taken.


Retains a copy of the standardized form, signed by the client, where an agency has determined the client can self administer medications.


An agency must evaluate whether a client can continue to self-direct at a minimum of every 90 days. If it is determined that a client can no longer self-direct, arrangements shall be made to transfer the client to an agency with a higher license classification within 30 days if the agency providing current services is not classified as such.


All documentation required in sections (2) and (3) of this rule shall be kept in the client’s record.


In addition to personal care tasks, an agency may also provide one or more of the following services upon approval by the Division:


Non-injectable medication assistance;


Non-injectable medication administration; or


Nursing services.


An agency may also provide housekeeping and other supportive services. Such tasks include, but are not limited to:






Shopping and errands;


Transportation; and


Arranging for medical appointments.


If an agency has clients who receive only housekeeping and support services, the agency is not required to comply with the following rules for those specific clients: OAR 333-536-0065 (Service Plan), 333-536-0070 (Caregiver Qualifications and Requirements), 333-536-0075 (Medication Services), 333-536-0080 (Nursing Services), 333-536-0085 (Client Records) and 333-536-0090 (Quality Improvement).


Services described in this rule shall be primarily provided at the client’s residence. In addition, the services may be rendered at nonresidence locations as specified in the client’s service plan.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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