Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Rule Rule 340-253-0340
Credit Generators: Providers of Hydrogen Fuel or a Hydrogen Blend


Applicability. This rule applies to providers of hydrogen fuel and a hydrogen blend for use as a transportation fuel in Oregon.


Credit generation. For a hydrogen fuel or a hydrogen blend, the person who owns the finished hydrogen fuel where the fuel is dispensed for use into a motor vehicle is eligible to generate credits.
(3) Forklifts. For hydrogen forklifts, the forklift fleet owner or fleet operator is the credit generator eligible to generate credits. Only one entity may generate credits from each piece of equipment. The fleet owner has precedence to generate credits or designate an aggregator. (4) Responsibilities to generate credits. Any person specified in section (2) or (3) may generate clean fuel credits by complying with the registration, recordkeeping and reporting requirements under of this division.

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Jun. 8, 2021