OAR 415-050-0020
Client Rights

Each Program must provide individuals the following rights and protection in addition to those described in OAR 309-016-0760.:


Individuals must give written informed consent to treatment. If informed consent is not a possibility due to the inability of the individuals to understand his or her rights, this fact must be recorded in the individual’s file.


The Program must have established and implemented controls on individuals labor within the program. Work done as part of the individual’s stablization plan or standard program expectations must be agreed to, in writing, by the individuals.


The Program must develop, implement and inform individuals of a policy and procedure regarding grievances which providing for:


Receipt of written grievances from individuals or persons acting on their behalf;


Investigation of the facts supporting or disproving the written grievance;


The taking of necessary action on substantiated grievances within 72 hours; and


Documentation in the individuals’s record of the receipt, investigation, and any action taken regarding the written grievance.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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