OAR 415-050-0090
Food Service

The detoxification program must meet the requirements of the State of Oregon Sanitary Code for Eating and Drinking Establishments relating to the preparation, storage, and serving of food. At minimum:


Menus must be prepared in advance to provide a sufficient variety of foods served in adequate amounts for each resident at each meal;


Records of menus as served must be filed and maintained in the detoxification program records for at least 30 days;


All modified or special diets must be ordered by an LMP;


At least three meals must be provided daily;


Supplies of staple foods for a minimum of one week and of perishable foods for a minimum of a two-day period must be maintained on the premises;


Food must be stored and served at proper temperature;


All utensils, including dishes, glassware, and silverware used in the serving or preparation of drink or food for individuals must be effectively washed, rinsed, sanitized, and stored after each individual use to prevent contamination in accordance with Health Division standards; and


Raw milk and home-canned vegetables, meats, and fish must not be served or stored in a residential program.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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