OAR 415-050-0085

Each Program must comply with the following sanitation standards:


All floors, walls, ceilings, window, furniture, and equipment must be kept in good repair, clean, neat, orderly, and free from odors;


Each bathtub, shower, hand-washing sink, and toilet must be kept clean and free from odors;


The water supply in the detoxification program must meet the requirements of the rules of the Health Division governing domestic water supplies;


Soiled linens and clothing must be stored in an area separate from kitchens, dining areas, clean linens and clothing and unrefrigerated food;


All measures necessary to prevent the entry into the program of mosquitoes and other insects must be taken;


All measures necessary to control rodents must be taken;


The grounds of the program must be kept orderly and free of litter, unused articles, and refuse;


Garbage and refuse receptacles must be clean, durable, water-tight, insect- and rodent proof and kept covered with a tight-fitting lid;


All garbage solid waste must be disposed of at least weekly and in compliance with the rules of the Department of Environmental Quality; and


Sewage and liquid waste must be collected, treated and disposed of in compliance with the rules of the Department of Environmental Quality.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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