OAR 415-050-0025
Admission of Clients

Each Program must meet the following standards pertaining to admission of Individuals:


The Program must have written criteria for admission and for rejecting admission requests which includes observation for symptoms of withdrawal. The criteria must be available to Individuals, staff, and the community and be in compliance with ORS 430.397 (Voluntary admission of person to treatment facility) through 430.401 (Liability of public officers, providers, treatment facilities and sobering facilities).


The Program must utilize a written intake procedure. The procedure must include:


A determination that the Program’s services are appropriate to the needs of the Individual;


Steps for making referrals of individuals not admitted to the Program;


Steps for accepting referrals from outside agencies;


A specific time limit within which the initial client assessment must be completed on each Individual; and


Steps for coordinating care with payers and entities responsible for care coordination.


The Program must make available, for Individuals and others, program orientation information. The orientation information must include:


The Program’s philosophical approach to stablization;


Information on Individuals’ rights and responsibilities while receiving services from the Program;


A written description of the Program’s services; and


Information on the rules governing Individual’s behavior and those infractions, if any, that may result in discharge or other actions.


In addition to the information required by the Division’s data system, the following information must be recorded in each Individual’s record at the time of admission:


Name, address, and telephone number;


Who to contact in case of an emergency;


Name of individual completing intake; and


Identification of Individual’s family and social support, if any.

Source: Rule 415-050-0025 — Admission of Clients, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=415-050-0025.

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