Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Workers' Compensation Division

Rule Rule 436-060-0153
Electronic Payment of Compensation


General. An insurer may pay benefits through a direct deposit system, automated teller machine card or debit card, or other means of electronic transfer if the worker voluntarily consents.


The worker’s consent must be obtained before initiating electronic payments.
(b)The consent may be written or verbal. The insurer must provide the worker a written confirmation when consent is obtained verbally.


The worker may discontinue receiving electronic payments by notifying the insurer in writing.


An employer making payments under OAR 436-060-0020 (Payment of Temporary Total Disability Compensation)(1) may assume the worker consents to having benefits paid through a direct deposit system if that is the method the employer usually uses to pay the worker’s wages.


Cardholder agreement for ATM or debit cards. The worker must receive a copy of the cardholder agreement outlining the terms and conditions under which an automated teller machine card or debit card has been issued before or at the time the initial electronic payment is made.


Instrument of payment. The instrument of payment must be negotiable and payable to the worker for the full amount of the benefit paid, without cost to the worker.

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